Digisol Portable Power Bank 3G Router Review

The Digisol DG-HR1160M is a 4000mAH Power Bank and a 150 meter 3G Wifi Router.
The device is available on Amazon India for around 1700 bucks.It is really compact and feels fairly well built.It’s a perfect device to carry and connect to the internet and  charge your Phone on the go.

It has a  USB port where you going to connect your 3G Modem or a thumb drive it also has a Ethernet port to use it as a Wifi Hub.

For using this as a Power Bank what you have to do is use the USB to micro usb cable for connecting it to your phone and set the toggle switch on charging mode, Setting up the device for the first time is easy just follow the simple instructions from the Manual.

You can also use this device as a wifi file sharing hub.Which is a really cool feature just connect your thumb drive to the USB port, Access the router from the web browser using your phone, Go to the storage option and find the file you want to access simple as that.

Watch the Video for more details.

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