European Championship 2016 to Adopt Goal Line Technology

UEFA has finally approved the use of goal line technology in this year’s Euro 2016 and next season’s champions league.

This technology uses electronic sensors embedded in the goal posts  to detect if the ball has crossed the goal line or not.
The Goal Posts creates a magnetic field. The ball also has some sort of electronic circuit embedded in it. When the ball crosses the goal line it changes the magnetic field created by goal posts which is then detected by the computer and then the computer notifies the referee via a Smart watch.

The International Football Association Board approved the use of Goal Line Technology in the year of 2012.The technology was introduced in EPL 2013-14 and has already been used in World Cup 2014 and Bundesliga.

UEFA President Michel Paltini was against the use of this technology saying that it will reduce the need of Referees in this game and probably opens the door to some other new technologies which will lead to replacement of officials. But the objective of GLT is not to replace the officials rather to support them in decision making.

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