LG G5 leaks

LG is all set to launch it’s  new flagship phone LG G5 at Mobile World Congress 2016.
The MWC 2016 is happening next month at Barcelona Spain. It is the world’s largest gathering for mobile industries where many Smartphone manufacturing industries announce their new flagship phones.
The G5 is suppose to go head to head with Samsung’s Galaxy S7. We are not sure about the hardware Specs yet but the leaked drawings shows it is going to be completely redesigned, probably a full metal body. lets hope they don’t get rid of the removable back and battery.
 LG is the only Big Smartphone industry now which is offering a removable battery in it’s flagships.
The previous design render leaks by cnet Korea also suggests that the device is going to have a new design with removable battery facility (looks insane).
LG has already confirmed that they are going to announce the LG G5 on February 22th  at MWC 2016.

Source: Android Authority



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