Soon We will get 7 days of battery life on our Smartphones

We are seeing a lot of innovations in the Smartphone industry with new phones launching each month. Smartphones are getting faster, smarter, Thinner day by day. Smartphones having QHD displays, powerful CPUs and GPUs. But Phones with more power and better displays  requires better battery to power it up and keep it running for long time.
The battery technology seems to hit the saturation point with no big innovations since years. We are getting bigger batteries and fast charging which is not the solution. No matter which smartphone you own, at the end of the day you will find yourself looking for the charger to plug it in to.
A British Fuel-Cell developer claims that they are working on this problem, and they are most likely to come up with the solution real soon. The Fuel-Cell battery will convert the Hydrogen into electricity, leaving water vapors as a byproduct.
The Company says a Smartphone maker will provide them with $7.6 million to make the fuel-cell battery small enough to fit in the smartphone in near future.
Reports claim that such a technology will improve the battery life of your smartphone to certain level, that once fully charged then it will run for full one week. The closest we get to that with current range of smartphones is with Huawei Mate 8 which has 2-3 days of battery life (depends on the usage).
It is really nice to see someone is taking initiatives and working hard each day to improve the battery life of our smartphones. 
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