More traditional Apple Apps are Coming to Android

 Apple Apps are coming to Android

Apple is looking forward to launch more traditional Apps on it’s competitor Android platform.

Few months ago apple announced that the iTunes App is coming to Android devices.
According to reports, In the recent event Tim Cook has told Apple employees that releasing iTunes on Android is just the beginning. Apple was just testing Android platform.
That means more traditional Apple Apps may be releasing on Android Play store soon. We are not yet sure about which iPhone Apps to expect from Apple, but that is an interesting news for  all Android users.
The Apps like Apple Pay, iMessage, Facetime and iCloud will be most welcome.
But we haven’t received any official news from Apple yet.
 iPhone Apps on Android
Google and Microsoft has already launched their traditional  Apps on Apple App store, and it is good to see that Apple is looking forward to give something in exchange.
The security might be the biggest issue for Apple while considering releasing it’s traditional Apps on Android. let’s see how it goes.
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