Apple to name the new 4 inch model “iPhone SE”

According to the recent reports by 9to5mac Apple is planning to name it’s new 4 inch device iPhone SE. The SE in the name stands for Special Edition. 

Previous reports claimed that Apple is going to name it iPhone 5SE because it is the revamped version of iPhone 5S, but now Apple is thinking that it might be confusing for some people. So Apple decided to name it just iPhone SE.  
According to rumors the iPhone SE will follow the iPhone 5’s design philosophy, but with new hardware components. The iPhone 5se is said to have the internals of iPhone 6, it will feature Apple pay, Touch ID, Live Photos and a 4 inch retina display.
Apple is planning to announce iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and new models of Apple Watch in their rumored March 14th Press event. And the devices will go on sale from March 18.
Stay tuned for updates.
Source: 9to5mac


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