Error 53 is breaking the iPhones

 Error 53 on iPhone

Many iPhones users are claiming that their phones are not working, the error occurred when they tried to update the phone’s operating system to the latest version.

The error called “Error 53” occurs if your iPhones are repaired by third party stores. At first you won’t notice anything but if you tried to upgrade the phones Operating system it will detect something is not right and show you the error 53 message and now your phone is broken, yes it completely kills your iPhone.

 error 53 breaking the iPhones

According to the article posted by The guardian a Freelance photographer named Antonio Olmos has the same problem. He was covering the Refugee crisis in Balkans and accidentally dropped his iPhone, there were no Apple Stores in Macedonia so he got his iPhone fixed at a local shop. He said they replaced the screen and the touch ID home, everything was fine until he decided to update the phones operating system to the latest version.

The problem is actually with the Finger print scanner or the touch ID. Apple said they are protecting the users personal fingerprint data with security enclave, Which is uniquely paired to the touch ID sensor. So if you get repaired your iPhone from the third party stores and they replace the touch ID sensor of your iPhone then the Apple will know about it when you upgrade your OS and they will KILL YOUR iPHONE to protect you.  

So that means the problem is associated with only new generation iPhones. and according to the tech expert Kyle Wiens the “error 53” Page on his iFixit website has more than 183k hits, Which suggest lot’s of iPhone users have facing this problem.

Looks like error 53 is here to stay and it is not just the problem anymore, it is the future. 

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