Google Engineer has Invented an Android powered Smart Mirror

 Smart Mirror By  Max

A Software Engineer from Google named Max Braun has Invented an Android powered Smart mirror in his spare time. YES! Smart Mirror running Android.

We have seen a lot of Internet based Smart home appliances this year, with more and more companies getting into home automation products. Nest learning thermostat, Smart lock, Philips Hue lights, Smart coffee machines, monitoring systems and the list goes on.

But Max Braun took it to the next level, The smart bathroom mirror invented by him uses Android to display the Weather report, Time and top news headlines and all of it looks sleek and beautiful thanks to android APIs.

 Android Powered Smart Mirror

As you can see on photos the UI looks gorgeous and it updates automatically. Barun says he is not done working with it yet so he is constantly improving it. Let’s see if it actually make it to the market someday.

The idea is just genius of displaying the quick glance notifications like  weather forecast, time right on your Bathroom mirror and the possibilities  of improvements are infinite, you can add more Google cards like the match schedule of your favorite Football club, Flight schedules, reminders, checklist.

“Braun please add the Google Now integration already, so that I can pretend to be like Tony Stark.”

 Bathroom Smart Mirror



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