Google is shutting down Picasa

Google is well known for shutting down it’s services. On March 2013 Google announced that they are killing Google Reader, and yesterday Google announced that they are finally shutting down the Picasa.

For those who don’t know about Picasa, It is a photo sharing and storing service that is introduces by Google in 2004. Google now has a much better photo sharing and storing service named Google Photos. Google want’s to work only on one photo service for multiple platforms instead of individuals , and they are telling everyone to move over to Google Photos.

Google will start to roll out changes form 1st May 2016, Google also said that they will discontinue services for Picasa Desktop App from March 2016. So you should better move your content to Google Photos.

Unsurprisingly we all know this is going to happen one day because Google completely stopped rolling out notable updates to Picasa. 

Google also stopped to roll out any  good updates to it’s Blogger service, with no updates to Blogger app since 2014. So that may scare some entry level bloggers, But blogger is a vast community so hopefully Google will come up with an alternative to it instead of directly killing of the service. 
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