LG G5 to support Magic slot and removable battery

MWC 2016 is around the corners and we are still seeing lots of leaks of upcoming devices. Same goes with the LG’s next flagship LG G5. The previous design render leaks by cnet Korea suggested that the device is going to have a new design with removable battery facility, some sort of slot on the bottom side of the phone.
Those rumors are confirmed by a recent leak showing the photo of LG G5’s so called Magic Slot. The Photo shows the Magic slot module attached with a battery. It looks like we can upgrade the device hardware using this Slot Module, if this is the case then it could be the game changing feature for LG G5. 
The recent report claims that LG will be announcing two Magic slot modules at MWC 2016. One being for the rumored LG Cam Plus and another for the audiophile grade DAC named LG Hi-Fi Plus.


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