Toshiba, VAIO, and Fujitsu to combine into a single PC giant

Toshiba, VAIO and Fujitsu the three major Japanese companies are planning to merge into a single PC manufacturing company. According to recent report by Bloomberg News VAIO is in the final stages of negotiation to merge itself into both Toshiba and Fujitsu. The companies are planning to take over the PC market.

We don’t yet know about the Branding name of the resulting product, but the results will be catastrophic for competitors like Lenovo, Dell and HP. Toshiba recently took the hard hit and some reports also suggested that Toshiba might be leaving the PC market, but this news tells us the different story. Toshiba is ready to fight back.

CEO of Japan Industrial partners, Hidemi Moue said that the formal press release will be out by the end of  first quarter of 2016. We are not yet sure about how it will go but the news of three giant companies coming together  is rather exciting.  




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