Turn any Laptop into a Touch Screen for Just $49

If you have a non touch sensitive laptop and missing out the awesome Windows 10 features then don’t worry a company named NEONODE has just released a product which turns your non touch sensitive windows laptop into a touch sensitive one.

AirBar is available for Pre-order  and it is just under 50 bucks. It will be available for PCs, Laptops with screen sizes ranging from 11.6″ to 15.6″. You can Pre-order it HERE
It enables the Windows 8 and Windows 10 gestures and you can do things like Pinch, swipe,zoom and scroll.

So how does it works?

It has a magnetic strip, first have to attach the AirBar on the bottom of your display. It uses Neonode’s zForce AIR technology, Which projects the invisible light field on the surface of your Laptop/Pc’s display. When you interact with the display the projected light gets disturbed which is then sensed by the AirBar and it detects exactly where you are touching the display. 

The technology is pretty new with the consumer product yet to come out. So we don’t know about how accurate it will be. But the demos and prototypes looks pretty Promising.



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