A 4K PlayStation 4 is coming

According to recent report by Kotaku Sony is working on the new PlayStation console. The new updated PlayStation 4 will output the games at 4K resolution. Currently the PlayStation 4 only outputs the Graphics in 1080p resolution.

The new update means faster Graphics processor , since more power is require to output the heavy detailed games in 4K resolution. It is not clear yet how Sony is going to sell the new PlayStation 4 but Sony is most likely to sell the new PlayStation alongside with the previous gen PS4.
With the 4K Televisions coming at affordable prices and more and more TV manufacturers entering into the 4K market, It makes sense that Sony is planning to bring the 4K upgrade to PS4. 
The PlayStation VR pre-orders are starting from this Tuesday and VR ready games require more details and faster GPUs to power them. A lot of tech journalist who have reviewed the PlayStation VR are complaining about the quality of the graphics. The new PlayStation will come up with the upgraded GPU which will output the 4K quality graphics into the PlayStation VR headsets resulting in crispy graphics.

No official news has been out yet from Sony but with the 4K resolution becoming the new standard and Sony entering into VR market suggests we are going to see the new upgraded PlayStation console real soon.
Stay tuned for updates.


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