All you need to know about Google DeepMind beating Go champion Lee Se-dol

From few days you are probably seeing “AlphaGo beats Lee Se-dol” trending in your Facebook and Twitter feeds. And you might be wondering the computer programs are beating Human champions in their own games from decades so why AlphaGo is so big deal ?

For that you have to know three things,

Who is Lee Se-dol?
What is Go game?
What is AlphaGo?
And why everyone is talking about it?

Well let’s first start with who is Lee Se-dol, Lee  is a South Korean professional Go player and he ranks second in international titles. 

The Go game is a abstract strategy board game played between two players. The goal is to surround more territory than your opponent. 

The AlphaGo is a computer program developed by Google DeepMind specifically to play Go board game. Google DeepMind is the Artificial Intelligence company that has designed a neural network that learns how to play games like a human mind does. It mimics the short term memory of human brain. 
So why it is a big deal?
The AlphaGo program is a one of it’s kind which uses a digital neural network to play,learn and adapt to a game. So it is actually learning something new every time it  is playing any game. The Go game is considered as one of the toughest board game for any artificial intelligence program and AphoGo beating the Champion Lee Se-dol three times is a big win for the AI programs. 

So that is why everyone is so excited about this news, we are living in the time where technology is growing faster than ever. 
The AlphaGo team said they are not trying to replace the human element from certain areas like health care, But it will be great in many applications where AI will take the decisions based on the current situation in our day to day life. 

Don’t worry Google is not trying to be the  SKYNET, or is it?

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