Sony is all set to make PlayStation Mobile Games

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Sony Computer Entertainment just announced a new sister company named ForwardWorks. Sony formed this new company specifically for developing smartphone games. The idea is to make full fledged smartphone game titles that will make use of PlayStation characters and IP.

Sony says their main target is Asian market. Atsushi Morita they head of Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan an Asia will be the president of ForwardWorks. 
We are not yet sure about when we will see the first game from ForwardWorks hopefully it is happening real soon. Sony is following Nintendo’s steps with this move. Last week Nintendo released its first ever mobile App with plans of releasing more games and Apps in the coming year.
It is great to see the popular game developers like Sony and Nintendo is showing their interest in smartphone games. We have got many good smartphone games, but nothing is a match to Nintedo or PSP game. This may be changing real soon with both of the companies entering into the smartphone games market.
Stay tuned for updates.
Source: The Verge 


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