What to expect from today’s Apple event and where to watch it?

It is finally here, probably the most anticipated Apple event since years. There has been lots of rumors and leaks about what Apple is probably going to announce today.I am sure almost everyone knows about the new 4 inch iPhone that Apple might announce today and everyone is talking about the new compact iPhone SE except Apple. 
According to rumors the iPhone SE will follow the iPhone 5’s design philosophy, but with improved hardware components. The iPhone SE is said to have the internals of iPhone 6, it will feature Apple pay, Touch ID, Live Photos and a 4 inch retina display.
Apple is also planning to announce the new smaller version of the iPad Pro, which will have almost same hardware but smaller display. Reports claim the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro (mini) will be start from $599. Apple is probably planning to make more money even by selling less iPads which explains the pricing.  
The new Macbook Pro is very unlikely to happen today since we haven’t heard any rumors about it. But Apple may announce the  new version of Operating system for both Phones and Computers. The event is schedule to happen today at 10am Pacific time.


San Francisco: 10:00AM / New York: 1:00PM / London: 5:00PM / India: 10:30PM / Berlin 6:00PM / Moscow: 8:00PM / Beijing: 1:00AM (March 22nd) / Tokyo: 2:00AM (March 22nd) / Sydney 4:00AM (March 22nd).

Where to watch:

Apple Users: Safari browser (OS X), iOS devices ( iOS 7 and above), Apple TV
Windows Users: Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10)

Live Blog:

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Source: The Verge

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