BLACKROOM: A New FPS from Romero & Carmack

Romero & Carmack the id Software co-founders have launched a kickstarter project called Blackroom. The Blackroom is a first person shooting game  described as “Master fast, skillful movement with rocket jumping, strafe jumping and circle strafing. Wield intricately balanced weapons where each one has a specific use and does the damage that makes you feel good. Challenge yourself with expert abstract level design, invented and perfected by John Romero and fully realized by Adrian Carmack‚Äôs dark and unique style. Master six built-in multiplayer maps, as well as countless maps created by the community. In BLACKROOM, Romero is designing every level.” 

In the single player campaign you will be playing as a HOXAR engineer sent on an investigation, HOXAR is a company that created a technology that allows you to be anywhere at any time by creating a life size holographic world all inside a giant blackroom. 
Romero & Carmack said they didn’t want to make a mainstream action FPS game, the Blackroom is entirely a new experience for FPS game lovers. It allows you to change your environment from within the game with the help of a device called Boxel and it extends your experience with full mod support and dedicated servers.

The game will be available for PC and Mac and is scheduled to release in mid 2018.

Source: Kickstarter, Pcgamer

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