DIY: How to make Twelfth Doctor’s new Sonic Screwdriver

Hey guys this is Nawaz , and I am going to show you how to make the twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver from complete trash which will cost you less than $2 to make. So before you all get excited let me tell you something, if you guys are looking for something serious stuff you probably wanna skip this article. So no 3D printing and serious stuff, just a fan with no money making himself some goodies.  

Check out the video below,

For the tip I am using the IC chip holder:

Paint the tube blue with permanent marker. You can find the IC chip holder tube at any electronic store.

For the handle I am using the glue stick:

And perfume bottle caps for the golden parts:  

Use super glue to join all the parts together.

Looks OK : 

Some more Caps:

Looking good: 

 Add some more detailing: 

Add LED and batteries  and you are good to go:  

So that’s it, the sonic screwdriver that cost only $2 to make. Hey! don’t get mad, I have already told you it is not going to look great. The reason I decided to do this is because there was a comic con happening in my city and I was planning go as the Doctor, but, I had nothing related to Doctor who so I decided to make my own stuff. The efforts paid off, I went to the comic con took some photos, tagged it to the Doctor Who official Instagram page and they re-posted it!! 
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