Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay footage Leaked

Mass Effect Andromeda the upcoming third person shooter game from EA has been leaked in a short gameplay video. The game is the newest addition to Mass effect series developed by BioWare and is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2017.

Mass Effect 4 has been in the rumors since early 2015 with people speculating about plot and new gameplay experience, but yesterday we got to see the actual gameplay footage of the game. Of course , if the leaked  footage is real. The video shows the new environment, weapons, and also jectpack. 
checkout the video below,  
The plot of the game is not confirmed yet but here are some key points of the rumored plot,
  • The game take place in Helius Cluster, cluster of 100 solar systems in Andromeda galaxy
  • You will play as a path finder to establish a new home for humanity
  • Exploring the solar systems you will encounter untamed lands and warring alien species 
  • You will encounter the Remnant, mysterious alien race whose forgotten technology holds the key to gaining power in this galaxy 
  • As you explore more into the cluster you will discover the blueprints helping you to craft better weapons and equipment

The plot was posted on reddit which is now deleted but if you want, you can read the full archived post here:  Last Month I Took a Random Survey About Mass Effect 4. Here Is What I Found Out

Stay tuned for updates.
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