SpaceX finally got success in sea landing: successfully lands the rocket on the floating drone ship

After successfully landing the rocket on the ground, SpaceX has finally got success in landing its rocket on the floating drone ship. It is the first time that company got success in the ocean based landing, after four failed attempts. 
SpaceX is planning to land one third of its rockets on the ground and rest on the ocean. That means the company will be using the ocean landing more often. The company said they will be conducting next two to three ocean landings, mastering the ocean landing will lead to greater cost savings.

So why SpaceX rocket landing on the floating drone ship is a big deal?
Well its really simple, When landing the rocket on ground, it will take some fuel to set the trajectory and speed to land the rocket on a specific position. By sea landing SpaceX is trying to save that extra fuel, resulting in cost savings.
Earth landing is more complicated than sea landings since you have to calculate and maintain the trajectory of the rocket. On the other hand sea landings are not as complicated as earth landings,It doesn’t require changing the natural path of the rocket, you can arrange the position of the drone ship to catch the rocket coming from the space. So no extra fuel for repositions and less complications.  
The whole idea here is to save the landing costs and use of extra fuel.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: The Verge

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