Mafia III: New driving gameplay promo released

2K games has released a gmaeplay trailer of its upcoming action-adventure game Mafia III, and its called “Driving in New Bordeaux” .  New Bordeaux is basically a reimagined version of New Orleans, the trailer shows off some muscle car driving scenes right  from the game. According to the  design director, the game is inspired by 60’s driving action movies and if the developers have done their job right then it will make you feel like a Hollywood stunt driver.  
The game takes place in the year of 1968, and the story revolves around the charterer named Lincoln Clay. Lincoln is an orphan who later joins the armed forces and has fought in the Vietnam War, after serving his duty the character returns to New Bordeaux and he joins The Black Mob. The whole mob is then get murdered by the Italian mob during a cross fight, somehow Clay survives the fight and decides to start his own criminal organization to take the revenge from the Italian mob who have killed his friends.
According to recent reports the Playboy magazines are also making a comeback as a collectible  achievements.  Mafia III is scheduled to launch on October 7 2016 and the game will come for PC, Xbox one and PS4 platform. 
Stay tuned for updates.

Source: gamespot

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