WhatsApp released desktop applications for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp just released a desktop app for both Windows and Mac platforms. Last year company announced its Web based app “WhatsApp Web” but now you can download the fully functional desktop application on your computer.  For using the application you will need Windows 8 or higher running on your PC or OS X and higher running on your Mac. 
Similar to WhatsApp web, user needs to scan the QR code using WhatsApp mobile application and then the desktop app mirrors the chat and conversation from your phone to your computer. That means for it to work, you need a mobile application running on your smartphone, close to your computer. WhatsApp now has more than a billion users and now it is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and desktops. 
Making an instant messaging service available for desktops may sound like impractical, but it gives you more flexibility and now you are more connected to your friends and family.    
You can download the application HERE


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