A Turkish Man Has Invented Privacy Glasses That will Stop Shoulder Surfing

We all use smartphones on a daily basis at school, in offices and even in public transports. And it can be really annoying when you are having a private conversation with someone or surfing social networking sites, while some stranger is keep starring at your phone screen. This phenomena is called Shoulder Surfing.
Celal Goger a Turkish man who is a smartphone technician has invented the glasses  that will stop starangers from Shoulder Surfing your smartphones. Goger thinks this is a serious privacy issue so he decided to solve the problem by himself. The complete unit contains two small chips one for the phone which will turn the phone display to white and the other one that can be mounted on any pair of glasses, so only the person wearing these glasses can read the phone content and everyone else will see just a blank white screen, the two chips are connected to each other by Bluetooth. 

Goger said the whole system, including the Bluetooth unit will cost only 10 dollars. He is currently trying to patent his invention and after that he plans to start the mass production. 

Stay tuned for updates.
Source: theturkishsun
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