Kickass torrents is back on

Yesterday US Justice department arrested the founder of Kickass torrents and seized all domains related to the website. Artem Vaulin, also known as “trim” has been charged for running the world’s biggest illegal file sharing website. According to reports the site has been distributed well over $1 billion copyrighted materials, including movies, TV shows, music, books, games and software.   
But like every other illegal torrent website, Kickass torrents is also back on. Someone has created a mirror website located at The creators also submitted an email to The Verge saying the site is hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent the blockade and the hosting information is well hidden. The site will have complete torrent database of kickass torrent website and  the creators also improved the original Kickass torrents website by adding a mobile optimized version. 
Looks like no matter how hard the Justice Department tries it is impossible to completely remove the pirated websites from the internet, but the acts like this discourages the people who are running and maintaining those websites. 
Stay tuned for updates.
Source: The Verge  
This article does not support piracy /copyright infringement by any means.  
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