Nvidia Titan X graphics card: Everything you need to know

A few days ago Nvidia announced the new powerful Titan X graphics card, it is built with Nvidia’s Pascal GP 102 architecture. So the first thing you need to know is the price, at $1200 price tag the Titan X will cost you double the price of GTX 1080. The new Titan X has 12GB of GDDR5X memory and a CUDA cores processor running at 1.5Ghz. With the powerful processor and memory the new Titan X delivers 11 teraflops of performance compared to the 8 teraflops of GTX 1080. 


  • Pascal GP 102 architecture
  • 3585 CUDA cores
  • Base Clock: 1417 Mhz
  • Boosted Clock: 1531Mhz
  • 12GB of GDDR5X memory
  • Speed : 11 teraflops 
  • 12 billion transistors
  • Memory Speed: 10 Gbps
  • Max. Resolution: 7680×4320@60Hz
  • OS: Windows 7-10, Linux, FreeBSDx86
  • VR ready
  • Height: 4.376″
  • Length: 10.5″
  • Width: 2-Slot

The new Titan X is without any doubt the most powerful graphics card Nvidia has ever built and it is finally has a capabilities of delivering 60+ fps at 4K. Nvidia will start selling the new Titan X from August 2, 2016. 

Stay tuned for updates.
Source: Nvidia 
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