3 Years jail for downloading / Viewing from illegal torrent websites in India

Imagine you are binge watching your favorite TV series that you downloaded from so called “illegal” torrent websites and suddenly you hear a knock on your door, and when you open it you find the cops pointing handcuffs on your face.
Well that may happen to you now, according to recent reports government of India is trying to ban illegal torrents in our country. Yes you read it right, complete torrent ban in India. Not only you won’t be able to access the torrent websites but if somehow you tried and downloaded the pirated content then chances are you may face 3 years of jail and 3 Lakh rupees fine.   
According to recent report even visiting the torrent website can get you in trouble, although there is no confirmation on this news yet. Because torrent is just the file distribution system so visiting should not create any problems as long as you are using it for consuming goods that are in public domain.  
One of the main reason Indians download a lot of pirated materials from illegal torrent websites is the limitation of resources and of course our  censor board. I know we now have an option to use Netflix to stream our favorite tv shows, but, let’s be honest the content on Netflix is so limited due to regional restrictions and watching Game Of Thrones on Star World  is just awful. Lets hope Netflix will come up with some solution soon. 
So beware next time when you use pirated torrent websites to download your favorite Movies, TV shows, Games or Books.
This article does not support the piracy or copyright infringement by any means.
Stay tuned for updates.  
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