Best Kickstarter Campaigns of the month September 2016

Kickstarter which is a crowdfunding platforms for creators was founded seven years ago back in 2009. And since then the company has helped thousands of creators to bring their creative projects to life. For example Pebble was first started on Kickstarter as a technology project and the rest, as they say, is history.

Almost every day new creators around the world present their ideas to the people using the Kickstarter platform in the hope of getting enough crowdfunding  for bringing their projects to life. Most of the times we see gimmick projects, but sometimes we find really cool ideas.
Following are the some of the best technology projects of this month,

Revolt is a battery powered personal transportation air craft. According to the creator Glauco, Revolt is the first personal air craft which is cheaper than petrol. Read more on Kickstarter… 

Betterspot: A VPN Router for All Devices & Platforms

Betterspot is a built-in VPN router for secure online surfing and unblocking websites. The device is compatible with almost all popular operating systems including macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. Read more on Kickstarter… 

LVL – The First Wearable Hydration Monitor

The only thing that separates LVL from all the other fitness tracking wearable is the fact that aside from tracking the basic fitness activities, it can also provide the hydration monitor that gives you a complete picture of your health. Read more on Kickstarter… 

Fathom One | The Affordable, Modular, HD Underwater Drone

We can all agree on the fact that Drones are the next big in the technology and with the companies like GoPro entering in the market shows Drones are here to stay. Unlike other drones in the market Fathom is an underwater drone that helps you explore the new world beneath. Read more on Kickstarter… 

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