SanDisk just announced new SDXC: SD card with 1TB storage capacity

SanDisk which is now owned by Western Digital just announced the world’s first SD card with whooping 1 terabyte of storage. SanDisk broke their own record of 2014 when they introduced its 512GB SD card. The SDXC is currently in the prototype stage, but it is good to see that company has finally achieved the goal of putting 1TB storage in such a small form factor. 
According to SanDisk the main motive behind this innovation is to fulfill the demands of today’s memory heavy formats including 4K footage, 360-degree videos and Virtual reality. Since the device in its prototype stage, there are no words on the price and availability. And even if they released the consumer unit soon the prices will be outrageously high.
Even though the SD card with 1 terabyte of storage sounds amazing but it also has some disadvantages. 1 TB storage in such a smaller factor means low read and write speeds. And if you got too excited and store all your data on the card then you are going to a have hard time if the device gets corrupted plus it comes with that lock switch, now imagine if the switch break on the lock position. 
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