Meet the Nintendo Switch : The new hybrid gaming console from Nintendo

Nintendo finally revealed its highly anticipated gaming console the Nintendo switch. Nintendo Switch is a brand new hybrid gaming console from Nintendo with the swappable gaming controller. What that means is you can either dock it and use as a TV gaming console or take the display unit swap the gaming controllers and use it as a handheld gaming console. Nintendo announced the new Switch controller by releasing an introduction video,

The video shows how easy you can switch between standard to portable mode, the video also confirms that the new console will be able to play new The Legend Of Zelda game smoothly on both platforms. Apart from The Legend Of Zelda : Breath of the wild other games like Skyrim, Mario Kart, a new Mario game, some NBA game and Splatoon also appears in the introduction video.

Nintendo Switch console will be available from March of 2017, the company hasn’t provided any official statement on the price tag.
Stay tuned for updates.

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