Microsoft Windows 10 Event Expectations

Microsoft officially announced that the Windows 10 event is happening on Wednesday, October 26th, you can stream live the Windows 10 event here.  Considering that Microsoft is calling it a Windows 10 event suggests that we will be seeing lots of software related stuff, so don’t expect new Surface Book or a Surface Pro. Although some reports suggest we might get a new desktop machine from Microsoft.
Considering all the rumors and reports following are our expectations for tomorrow’s event,
  • Windows 10 will get performance improvement updates and some new features
  • New 3D Paint app suggests we might get some new touch-friendly universal apps
  • Microsoft may unveil a new Alexa and Google Home competitor
  • Considering the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are still new devices we might not see a Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro 5
  • Surface Desktop: Rumors suggests Microsoft is working on an iMac competitor, A new desktop machine completely designed and developed by Microsoft. ZDNet confirms that Microsoft is working on a new desktop code-named “Cardinal”, that suggests we might see some hardware launches too.
  • Software updates for Xbox and HoloLense
Stay tuned for updates we will be posting live during the event.
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