Say Hello to The New MacBook Pro

After four years of little specification bumps and minor improvements Apple’s most overdue laptop computer the MacBook Pro has got an upgrade. Today at their Cupertino campus Apple just unveiled the all new MacBook Pro. Here is what changed,

The new MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter than the previous generation and it comes in 13-inch and 15-inch models. The new MacBook Pro still maintains the leveled designed, unlike the MacBook Air which is thinner on the front end and thicker on the back and surprisingly it  is also thinner than the MacBook Air. It still follows the same design as the previous Mac Pros with the bezels across the screen and the keyboard narrowed down a little bit.
As we have already seen the leaks, the major changes come with the top of the keyboard section. The new MacBook Pro features a touch sensitive strip named Touch Bar, A little utility control panel that will give you access to screen brightness, media controls, and some native app controls. The touch sensitive strip is configurable for the supporting applications according to the user requirements. What that mean is it will show different controls for different applications and that feature looks really promising.As you can see there is no escape key and all function keys are now replaced by this touch sensitive strip. There is also a fingerprint scanner at the right end of the strip so that you can use the TouchID to unlock your mac or for making online payments.

There are also few big changes in the core hardware department. Apple is ditching one of their best innovations, its Magsafe connector for the USB Type-C. It looks like Apple is finally realizing that the USB Type-C is the future and it also saves a lot of space, and we have already seen from the new iPhone launch Apple will do anything to save the space. The MacBook Pro comes up with four USB Type-C connectors and that’s all. That means there is no HDMI port, no card reader or no USB 3.1 port thank god there is a headphone jack. All four USB Type-C ports are Thunderbolt  and are capable of driving 5K display panels you can use any of them to charge your MacBook. The new MacBooks are also way faster than the previous generation models it performs 130% faster in the gaming than the previous models. Following are the standard configurations,

The MacBook Pro 2016 with traditional function keys  starts at $1499, the Touch Bar variants starts at $1799 and goes up to $2399. The pre-orders are starting today and the shipping starts after 2-3 weeks.

Stay tuned for the updates.


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