Take a better look at the new Nintendo Switch with this rendered 3D model

A few days ago Nintendo revealed its new gaming console named Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is a brand new hybrid gaming console from Nintendo with the swappable gaming controllers. What that means is you can either dock it and use as a TV gaming console or take the display unit swap the gaming controllers and use it as a handheld gaming console.

If you want to take a much detailed look at the new Nintendo Switch but don’t want to wait until 2017, then we have a good news for you. Sketchfab has designed a 3D model of the Nintendo Switch that gives you the full 360-degree view of the new console. You can navigate via  mouse pointer or use it with the Google cardboard. Check out the model below,

Nintendo Switch console will be available from March of 2017, the company hasn’t provided any official statement on the price tag. 
For more details on Nintendo Switch click here.
Stay tuned for the updates.
Source: Sketchfab


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