Blizzard could be working on a new First-Person game

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard could be working on a new First-Person game, a recent job posting on Blizzard’s recruitment portal shows that they are hiring some new Lead Software Engineers to work on an unannounced game or a project that uses the first-person engine.

Overwatch is the only game built by Blizzard that uses the first-person engine, we know it is very unlikely to speculate that the company is already working on a new first-person project. But, it is interesting to see the company is teasing the developers with some upcoming projects probably planting the seeds for the Overwatch successor.

New unannounced project doesn’t always mean a new game, Blizzard is probably hiring some new talent to work on overwatch and may be planning to expand the game. A new first-person game or an expansion to Overwatch we are open for anything and excited to see what Blizzard has to offer next.

Stay tuned for the updates.

Source: neogaf



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