Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with its own digital assistant

What makes the Google Pixel smartphones different and superior to other Android phones is not just the better hardware but also the integration of Google assistant into the core of the operating system. It is clear that AI is the future of smartphones and it looks like Samsung is also realising this fact.
Last month Samsung acquired the Viv labs, the company that created Siri. Viv labs have confirmed that their new digital assistant ‘Viv’ will be integrated into the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. According to some reports Samsung is also planning to expand the services by integrating it with smart home appliances and other IoT devices.

Samsung already manufactures a number of home appliancesĀ so it makes sense to integrate services like this. Viv labs digital assistant already impressed us all and it looks really promising, capable enough to give the tough competitionĀ to Apple, Google and Amazon.Samsung needs something special after the huge failure of Galaxy Note 7.

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