The new big Foundation update brings base building, Farming and Freighters to the No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky developers have announced a new big Foundation update, the patch brings features like base building, farming, freighters, and more add-ons. The base building feature allows the players to create shelters using their creativity and provided tools. User the farming feature users can grow plants outdoors or inside their base, the plants will grow over time and will provide the steady supply of resources. Players can  “Purchase huge interstellar Freighters at great expense, and then summon them from anywhere in the galaxy.” The freighters are fully customizable. The foundation update patch also brings some new resources, technologies, and a fresh user interface.

The update was announced on the twitter by Hello Games founder Sean Murray,

HelloGames Tube uploaded the gameplay footage covering all the details,

For more details on this update and patch release note please click here.

Stay tuned for the updates.

Source: hellogames



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