Bunch Of High School Students Made Their Own Overwatch VR Rig

As much as you love playing VR games you gotta admit that there is no fun in playing VR games using a controller. Remember the Virtuix Omni-rig from 2 years ago? well, some students built a quite similar thing for Overwatch. Some Korean high school students took the Overwatch game experience to the next level. They have developed a multi-track rig which lets them play Overwatch in VR environment. What makes this rig so special is the fact that you don’t require a controller to interact with the game.

How to interact with the game?

  • Move and run in the battlefield by leaning in the required direction.
  • Use the companion gun to shoot and reload.

Check out the following video for more details,

For the VR headset, the students are using Samsung Gear VR with a smartphone. The other parts of the project include an Arduino chip, motion sensors, a couple of other sensors and a PC for computing the data. Of course, this rig is not perfect you can definitely see some lag and frame drops in the presentation video. But the fact that this whole thing is a made entirely by the high school students is kind of mind blowing. Hope to see similar products from some known manufacturers in the coming future.

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