Fove 0: The First Eye Tracking VR Headset Launched With 250+ SteamVR Games

Fove 0 is the first ever eye tracking VR headset which is launched at CES today. Fove uses the infrared sensors to track the accurate movement of your eyes. The company says the product is mainly designed for developing and research purpose. Developers can use it to focus on particular zones to improve the graphics,  Doctors can use it to track the movement of their patient’s eyes so that they can diagnose the disease better.  Fove uses six different infrared sensors for each eye to track the movement and then it updates the picture accordingly.

Although the company is pitching it as a tool for the developers, anyone can pre-order it at $599. Fove 0 is compatible with SteamVR and supports 250+ games natively. While playing the game, it focuses the quality where it’s needed by precisely detecting where the user is looking. It also supports popular game engine plugins like Unreal, Unity, and Xenko. Following are some of the key features of the Fove 0,

  • 2560 X 1440 DISPLAY
  • Ultra Low Latency Stereo Eye Tracking
  • Supports Unity, Unreal, Xenko Game engine plugins
  • Compatible with SteamVR, OSVR titles
  • A full sense of presence in the virtual world
  • Application development with direct to display technology

Stay tuned for the updates.


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