Samsung to use a new eight-point battery testing process on future phones

Yesterday Samsung release the report addressing what exactly went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7. According to Samsung, bad batteries and rushed manufacturing process lead to the Note 7 failures. The first battery had a design problem that could cause the short circuit, while the second batch has some welding defects which caused many replacement units to catch fire. Samsung is planning to solve this problem by implementing a new eight-point battery testing process.

The new eight-point testing process includes steps like durability test, visual inspection, charge-discharge test, dissembling test and more.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 back in August 2016. The phone got many positive reviews and initially crowned as the best smartphone of 2016. Soon after the Note 7 started shipping, the reports about Galaxy Not 7 units catching fire started to emerge all over the internet. Next thing we know, it was the worldwide trending topic on every social media website. Samsung acknowledges the issue and held a worldwide replacement program. The replacement units also had the same problem, Samsung then immediately announced they are discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7.

Since the day of its callback, Samsung was continuously working to figure out what caused the Note 7 to catch fire. Samsung told they put the staff of 700 people to test almost 200,000 Note 7 units.

Stay tuned for the updates.

Source: Samsung

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