AMD Ryzen: New Details Leaked

AMD Ryzen

A few weeks ago AMD revealed some more Ryzen™ details at International Solid-State Circuits Conference. However, a lot of details remained hidden from the normal audience. A  Japanese website named PC Watch have leaked some hidden information that provides the detailed architecture information of the new AMD Ryzen™.


Machine specs
Wider micro -op dispatch 6 vs. 4
Larger Instruction Schedulers
Integer: 84 vs. 481 FP: 96 vs. 60
168 entry RF with 12 read & 6 write ports
Next generation hardware prefetch
Simultaneous multi -threading
Branch mispredict penalty reduced by 3 cycles, Op Cache
Focus on power
>40% IPC over the previous generation
>15% switching capacitance (CAC) improvement
over previous generation technology neutral

Physical Overview:

12 layer metal telogooping stack w/ MIAOW/
3 Vl design with longer channel variants
Ogle range of onage operation
Per core voltage end frequency control
LZ/L3 on separate power supply
Advaneed frequency, voltage, and wmperature sensors
genera/ton/WAS and advance/1,W. congol
Optimal , choices for different design sections
Aggressive, swapping and downsizing algorehrns
Base frequency of 3.4GHz.

You can check the more details here.

AMD announced Ryzen™ processor via their New Horizon event. Ryzen is an upcoming high-end processor from AMD which is all set to go head to head with the Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. AMD showcased a demo of Battlefield 1 running on both Intel and Ryzen computers and the frame rates were almost identical. Ryzen is legit, it has got power. AMD announced 16 high-performance AM4 motherboards. In addition to 17 high-end PC builds. AMD is pretty confident that 2017 will the year of Ryzen™.

Stay tuned for the updates.

Source: PC Watch

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