Apple overtook Samsung to become the top global smartphone vendor


According to the report presented by the technology research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple overtook Samsung in Q4 of 2016 to become the top smartphone vendor in the world. Apple sold more than  800,000 smartphones units than Samsung with a total of 78.3 million for the quarter, giving it 0.1% lead over Samsung.

Strategy Analytics

Apple now has 17.8% market share compared to Samsung’s 17.7%. This may sound like a minor lead but remember Apple only sell flagship phones compare to the wide varieties of Samsung smartphones. It is definitely the effect of the huge Note 7 callback. It is safe to say that Samsung recalling more than 2.5 million units gave Apple that 0.1% lead in the last quarter of 2016.

While considering the full year, Apple still trailed behind Samsung, with a 14.5% share compared to Samsung’s 20.8% market share.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 in the second quarter of 2017. Let’s hope this new flagship will change the numbers for Samsung.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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