Conan Exiles: Official Servers Are Locked To Specific Regions

*Update: A Funcom spokesman just told us, “The region lock does not affect Russia and South America. The region lock means that players from Asia can’t play on official North American or European servers, but official servers in Asia will be introduced this week. Players anywhere can still of course play on the thousands of private servers which are available. ”

If you belong from Asia, South America, or Russia then you are probably facing the login and crashing issues. Well, that’s because the Conan Exiles developers have decided to lock the official servers to some specific regions. If you are playing from any of the above mentioned geo locations then you are permitted to access the official servers.

Jens Erik spoke to the Steam community saying, “We have decided to East/West region lock the official servers for three reasons,” The language barrier and the different playstyles is proving jarring for a lot of players. Also, the vastly different time zones between regions made offline raiding an unavoidable issue for a lot of players who would wake up to all their stuff being completely ruined.”

The server issues are expected to be resolved by the next week. Erik added, “Please keep in mind that we’re only about two weeks out of Early Access launch. There will always be things that are in need of fixing, whether it be server performance, game balancing or minor and major bugs.”

Conan Exiles is an upcoming open world survival video game by Funcom for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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