Facebook is testing a new pop-up posts feature

pop-up posts_example

Facebook has started testing a new feature for displaying the posts. If you are part of the selected audience then you should be seeing a small Facebook Chat like window appearing in the right corner of your desktop browser. This new window will display the recent posts and activities posted by your friends.

The new Post window not only looks like a chat widget, but it also behaves like one. Whenever someone shares a new post, the pop window will notify you. It has an option to view, hide or comment on the posts. Facebook hasn’t revealed the algorithm or logic behind this new feature, which means we don’t know yet what kind posts are eligible to appear in this new window.

The idea is to keep the audience engaged by providing them easiest ways to browse the social networking website. A Facebook spokeswoman said, “We’ve heard from people that they would like an easier way to participate in conversations on a post while they are still in News Feed so we are testing a new option that opens up a window when someone comments on your post, replies to your comment or tags you in a comment.”

There is no official statement on how long Facebook is going to conduct this test, when we will get to try it or what kind of audience is targeted. All we know now is only a small part of the Facebook user base is selected for this test.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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