How much are you willing to pay for the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally revealed their most anticipated console, The Nintendo Switch. The hybrid gaming device that can be transformed into a living room console, to a desktop console to a handheld console in three simple steps. Nintendo showed how easy it is to share the gameplay experience with your friends and family using their new Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con controllers is priced at $299.99. The real question here is how much you as an average consumer are willing to pay for the Nintendo Switch?

Before deciding the number, let’s break down the entire cost of the Nintendo Switch. For $299.99 you are getting a pair of Joy-Con controllers and a docking station, and that’s it. Unlike the Wii and Wii U, the Switch doesn’t come with any bundled game. Considering the average pricing of the Switch titles, you will need to pay extra $59.99 to get started. Following is the complete breakdown including the add-on accessories.

  •  $299.99 console
  • $59.99 game
  • $29.99 Joy-Con Charging Grip
  • $27.49 microSD card (64GB)
  • Extra Joy-Con controllers: $79.99 for a pair
  • $69.99 Pro Controller

That means to fully enjoy the Switch experience (with a single game) you will require to pay a total of $567.44. Hybrid or not, this is a lot of money for the underpowered gaming console. It features a 6.2 inches 720p multi-touch display panel and 32 GB of storage. When docked, it can stream some games at 1080p resolution at 60 fps.

According to us the $199.99 with some casual bundled game is the right pricing for the Nintendo Switch. What are your thoughts and how much are you willing to pay for the Nintendo Switch? Feel free to share your thoughts down in the comment section.

Nintendo Switch is launching on March 3, 2017. Click here for all launch titles and upcoming games.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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