Is Nintendo Taking Back The ‘Stolen’ Switch Right Move?

Nintendo Switch

A few days ago the first ever Nintendo Switch unboxing video appeared on the internet. Apparently, some NeoGaf user got his pre-ordered Nintendo Switch weeks before launch. As any normal person with the internet connection would do, he released the first ever unboxing and boot video of the Switch showing the new UI and other details.

Courtesy of that video, now we know how much free space we get out of that 32GB onboard storage, 25.9GB to be exact. The Switch also features Dark and Light theme option based on the user preference.

Nintendo recently claimed that the unit we all saw in that video was actually stolen and resold by some U.S. distributor. We don’t know yet how it got accidently shipped early, but Nintendo being Nintendo took the matter in their own hands and forced the owner to send back his unit back to the company. According to the owner, he didn’t know the device was stolen, he was also surprised to receive the shipment this early. The device is now returned to the company and the matter is seems to be resolved.

We all know how strict Nintendo is when it comes to their property, but calling back the device and claiming it was stolen, is it the right move. Or Nintendo is just being shady?

Feel free to share your thoughts down in the comment section.

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming device that can be transformed into a living room console, a desktop console or a handheld console in three simple steps.  Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con controllers is initially priced at $299.99 and is launching on March 3, 2017.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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