Let’s talk about Nintendo Switch Emulator

*Update: Nintendo Switch has been officially launched. Check out the launch titles and all announced games here. You might also like, Nintendo Switch: Quick Software and Hardware Overview

Original article: Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console is launching on the March 3rd. Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con controllers will be available at $299.99. With less than a month to its launch, it is time to talk about the Nintendo Switch emulators.

Nintendo hasn’t provided brief details regarding the hardware of the Switch. All we know now is, it has an HD display and runs on the new Nvidia Tegra processor. It is a customize version of the same chip we saw on the NVIDIA Shield TV, which is a good news for the developers. The Tegra processors are designed for the Android and Linux based operating systems. We are not sure what kind of OS the Switch will feature but if it is some sort of Android-based OS then it will be more easy for the developers to build the emulators.

Considering the fact that there is an emulator for 3DS, PSP and other handheld consoles, it is clear that we are definitely going to get a Switch emulator really soon. And the single screen design of Switch also opens the possibilities for the smartphone emulators. But considering the Android latency issues and the fact that current smartphones aren’t powerful enough to run the games at playable frame rates, we really doubt it. Now let’s check out the possibilities for the Switch emulator using some Pros and Cons,


  • Runs on a Tegra Processor
  • Underpowered hardware
  • May use forged Android OS
  • Games doesn’t require powerful hardware
  • Single Screen design, unlike the 3DS
  • Joy-Con basic key functions can be recreated virtually


  • Not all games can be playable
  • Core Joy-Con features can’t be recreated virtually
  • It might run on the entirely new OS
  • Latency issues
  • ROM libraries

What do you think about the Switch Emulator, is this something you are looking forward to? Feel free to share your thoughts down in the comment section.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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