New Fallout 4 Mod Brings The Pip-Pad


Pip-Boy (Personal Information Processor) is a wearable computer manufactured by RobCo Industries. It is basically a retro smartwatch that does cool stuff. Every Fallout series fan loves to play with the Pip-Boy. It hasn’t received any big design changes since the introduction of the Pip-Boy 3000. However, An upcoming mod for Fallout 4 replaces the Pip-Boy with the new Pip-Pad.

The mod is currently available in beta version, it’s being developed by a modder named AlexScorpion. He is a member of modding group The Pimp Crew. AlexScorpion decided to turn the bulky wearable computer into a much practically usable tablet, the result is the new Pip-Pad. The official description reads, “Are you tired of carrying that heavy Pip-Boy around your arm? No? Ah well then… This is awkward… BUT if you are, boy do I have news for you! This is the completely new Pip-Pad! It’s a handheld Pip-boy ready for anything you throw its way! ”

Pip-Pad In Action

You can download the beta version here. Following are some known issues,

  • The Pip-Boy not showing up properly when loading cassette from ground.
  • Some may experience radmeter not showing the right percentage of rads.
  • Installing before exiting vault 111 causes Pip-Boy open lag. Fixed by open and closing Pip-Boy when leaving vault 111.
  • Using the flashlight before leaving vault 111 will break it. Fixed by open and closing Pip-Boy when leaving vault 111.
  • Some outfits have rolled up/missing sleeves where Pip-Boy normally is placed.
  • Conflict with mods that use fx biped slot like holstered weapons or backpacks.
  • Conflicts with Layerable apparel 3.8
  • Conflict with Stop Fidgeting – Pipboy Animation Swap
  • Conflict with    tactical flashlights
  • Conflict with TNR lamp uses the same equip slot.

Stay tuned for the updates.

Source: nexusmods

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