Steam Greenlight replacement is a bad news for Indie developers

Recently, Valve announced that they will be replacing Steam Greenlight with the Steam Direct,  Steam Direct will go live starting this spring. Since Valve has announced this news, a lot of Indie developers are speaking against the decision. The reason is a program submission fee.

Steam Greenlight required the developers to pay a one-time fee to submit as many games as they wanted, whereas Steam Direct will require the developers to pay every time they apply for the service. There is no news on how much a developer has to pay every time, but some reports suggest it will go up to $5,000 per game, which is a lot of money if you are a small Indie developer.

Valve changing the program fee from $100 one-time to $5000 per game will definitely affect students and small developers.  Steam Greenlight replacement is clearly a bad news for some Indie developers. That is a reason many developers are criticizing the new program on twitter.

Steam Greenlight will continue until this spring, later it will be replaced by the Steam Direct.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay tuned for the updates.

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