Stop Comparing Nintendo Switch With The Other Gaming Consoles

Since the day of its announcement, Nintendo Switch has been the topic of criticism. Some people are complaining about the poor launch titles and some are complaining about its price to performance ratio. Yes it is underpowered and yes it is slightly overpriced, but that shouldn’t bother you if you are truly interested in it. Stop comparing the Nintendo Switch with the other gaming consoles available in the market.

The Switch features 6.2 inches 720p multi-touch display panel and 32 GB of storage. When docked, it can stream some games at 1080p resolution at 60 fps. There is no point in comparing its performance with the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. The same way that you can’t compare Horizon: Zero Dawn with The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild or Call of Duty with Splatoon. These are two different games, they both run on the two different platforms and they both provide two completely different experiences. Nintendo has always concentrated on the gameplay and experience rather than the graphics or the frame rates. There are so many different categories of gamers,

  • There are people who enjoy playing high-end games on consoles
  • There are people who enjoy playing games with better frame rates and more details (the glorious PC masters)
  • There are people who enjoy playing the same game over and over no matter what they will always stick with that one game (Fifa players)
  • There are players who only prefer RPG
  • There are players who only prefer FPS
  • Players who prefer handheld games
  • And then there are Smartphone gamers

At the end of the day, it is all about your choice and what you like to play. If you are thinking why you should spend $300 on an underpowered gaming console instead of buying a Xbox One S, then you are definitely looking at the wrong place. Don’t buy it then, don’t even talk about it. Spend your hard earn money on the things you like.

Nintendo Switch is definitely not for everyone, there is a particular group of people who like these kinds of games.  The Switch is for them, it is for the players who wants to experience their games in both in the living room and on the go. Before Nintendo Switch there were four gaming platforms the living room consoles, desktop PC, handheld consoles, and the smartphones. With the Switch, Nintendo has introduced a new platform that fits in the middle.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming device that can be transformed into a living room console, to a desktop console to a handheld console in three simple steps. Switch with the Joy-Con controllers is priced at $299.99 and is launching on March 3, 2017. Click here for all launch titles and upcoming games.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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