AMD Ryzen has some performance problems

AMD has finally released their most anticipated processor lineup. What makes them all interesting is the fact that they all perform significantly faster than the competitive Intel processors and are about half of the price. Even the top AMD Ryzen 7 model cost under just $500.

Every launch event ends with the companies bragging about their product and showing the consumers how superior their product is compared to the competition. AMD did the same thing, the company showcased custom build Ryzen setups going head to head with the competitive Intel processors, and in some cases even beating them.

But those setups were built by AMD and the numbers we saw were also provided by the company. We are not trusting anything until we get to try and test the system for ourselves. Or until some tech lover posts the end results.

Initial testing performed by PCper revealed the Ryzen CPU has some performance problem. Allyn Malventano explains the issue by saying, “Initial reviews of AMD’s Ryzen CPU revealed a few inefficiencies in some situations particularly in gaming workloads running at the more common resolutions like 1080p, where the CPU comprises more of a bottleneck when coupled with modern GPUs. Lots of folks have theorized about what could possibly be causing these issues, and most recent attention appears to have been directed at the Windows 10 scheduler and its supposed inability to properly place threads on the Ryzen cores for the most efficient processing.”

Later PCper decided to create a new custom application to see if the problem is causing by Windows 10’s threading workloads management. The results revealed, “Windows 10 is attempting to balance work on Ryzen between cores in the same manner that we have experienced with Intel and its HyperThreaded processors for many years.” You can check the complete test results here.

Sadly, Windows 10 has nothing to do with this performance issue. AMD is reportedly looking into this matter. Hopefully, they will come with some solution soon.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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