Apple files patent to turn your iPhone or iPad into a touchscreen laptop


For years we have been waiting for Apple to launch a full touchscreen MacBook. The closest thing we got is the new MacBook Pro with the added TouchBar. Although the TouchBar adds an additional functionality to the MacBook but it is nowhere near to having a fully functional touchscreen laptop. It seems Apple is planning to do it little differently.

Apple Insider has recently discovered a patent filing from September that turns your iPhone or iPad into a touchscreen laptop.

The first method uses an iPhone that fits in the trackpad area. The computer will use the processor, graphics, memory, and storage of the iPhone and allow the user to navigate through the system using the docked iPhone as a trackpad.

The second method uses an entirely different approach, the iPad will take the place of laptop’s primary display and act as a full touchscreen display panel. Again the whole system is powered by the docked iPad. The user can navigate via a provided trackpad or directly interact with the iPad’s touchscreen.

Both the options look promising, but the real problem here is the operating system. We all know that at the moment Apple’s mobile operating systems are no way near to provide a productive personal computer experience. Let’s hope that Apple will somehow solve this problem and we will finally get a single OS for all platforms. That would be cool.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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